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They say that you are perfect but in the background they make you feel like you are never enough. And yet you are always too much. ​​

''SVALBON- dark, occult, victorian style, witchy, glam goth fashion and lifestyle brand.''
But our job just don't end here.  
We want to be your companion while you conquer the World. 
We love all your faces of darkness.
We love your unique body. 

witchy chiffon gown with lace

SVALBON was founded in 2014, in Riga but as a brand it started to live in 2016. We are from a small country Latvia.
SVALBON is  fashion brand which turns fairy-tales into reality. We believe every woman is the Goddess, Thunderstorm dressed in the silk. We want to inspire women to be as they are, love themselves, their bodies, all their sides. 
Yes, ALL. We believe that there's no more boring thing as being ''perfect ''. 
We use high-quality materials as silk, viscose which will touch your skin with gentle. And everything is handmade with love and magic. 

dark red victorian style blouse by svalbon
brand founder wearing slik dress by svalbon in misty, fairy-tale forest

Hi, my name is Dace.
I made SVALBON as dark side of myself. Maybe this is funny but I don't have a fashion designer education. I am an interior designer who worked at a women's jail for a while. 
  I believe there's no place for society's opinion in women's lives, I believe we all are beautiful in every way.
I adore all women's (and not only) sides especially the ones called '' ugly and dark'', unacceptable even. But at the end of the day we have two sides. 
And trough this aspect I want to encourage you to become the finest dark example of yourself. 

About Me

Something personal

They all say that you are beautiful, perfect but in the background they make you feel like it's never not enough. And yet, you are always too much. 

I lived like this a long time. More I tried to please others, more I began to dislike myself and more I went down for unhealthy relationships with others and myself. Till one day I understood that I hate my life. Like really. Hate. And my previous choices didn't make it easier. 
I went to study interior design in spite of wanting become a fashion designer from a young age. Cause there was opinion- fashion design is bullshit. No one need it. 
That was one of the first breaking points. 
Second breaking point was that no matter how hard I tried I never felt like ''fitting in''. So I started to brake my self into pieces, so people around me can easier swallow me. And then I started to hate not only my life but myself (and everyone around me) as well, cause I was so far from who I really was and who I wanted to become. I was in dark, deep shit hole. And worst Part of it is- I had a feeling that almost every girl went trough similar shit but we still kept compete with each other. Over everything. 
I felt so lonely even when I was in the room full of people by whom I wanted to be liked so much . I was so exhausted to pretend and laugh and fake so I didn't see what's the point anymore, I felt alone anyway. I gave up (this is what I though). So I let her in. That shadow who didn't laugh about stupid jokes, who wore the fuck she wanted to, who didn't try to keep everyone happy but herself. And my room full of people now was almost empty, last ones was closing doors and windows as well. But I didn't felt anything. I gave no shit. Only now when I look back I understand I wasn't cold ass bitch but just true to myself. And when I stopped to be someone else and started to be myself I found my happiness - My two true best friends and husband.
All this time SVLABON was in the back of mind, just without a form and name and when I started to allow myself to be myself SVALBON  started to take forms and thoughts. 

Fashion has always been a form of art for me. And I am an artist. And your body is my canvas. 


childhood photo.jpg

Dace's childhood photo

Dace in high-school

Dace wearing SVALBON

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