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Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

No, it is not necessary. But by registering your profile you will be able to save the wishlist, save the delivery address and payment method, for more convenient and faster purchasing in the store. 

Which size should I choose?

Every product have sizes, measurments shown in the descriptions. Below you can see size chart (we use EU sizes in the store). If you have non-standard sizes or still have questions- feel free to contact with us and we will find the best option for you, beautiful creature. If your measurments don't match to chart, please contact with us so we can make a dress for your measurments. 


How to make measurments on my own for tailor made dress? 

mērijumu video

How long it will take till I get my order? 

It depends on several factors: where the product should be delivered, whether it is ''ready to order'' or ''special order''.

Standart delivery to Latvia is 3-5 business days, to Eu countries

5-14 business days, USA 7-21 business days. 

If you ordered ''Ready to Order'' product it will be shipped to you not later than after 2 business days.

If you ordered the product we need to personalize for you- it usually takes about 7-14 business days to make it for you. 

If you are limited in time we suggest to order ''Ready to Order'' products or contact with us so we can figure something out. 

Where are SVALBON products manufactured?

All SVALBON products are made in Latvia, all products are handmade.

Do SVALBON ship to post office boxes ?

Please notice that we CAN'T ship your order to post office boxes cause your purchase box won't fit in it. Depending on your country you will get your order shipped to your adress and you will need to sign or you will get it at your Post Office.

Can I cancel my order? 

Please think twice before make an order cause we put really hard work, time while working on product but of course you can cancel/return your purchase: 

  • Product must be in same condition as you get it - it can't be worn, it has to have all labels, it can't damaged or dirty,

  • you can cancel it before we ship it out of warehouse and IF IT ISN'T A SPECIAL ORDER


* Special order - every product we make specially for you (measurments, colors etc.)

If you still have question 

Thanks! We got your Q

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