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Eco friendly witchy fashion

What does it even mean?

I think about ecology a lot lately. I grew up in the trees and running bare foot. It would be really painful for me if I lost it one day. I am 27 now but sometimes I still climb a tree. Especially in spring. 🌸 I really have a tradicion to sketch dresses while sitting in blossoming Apple tree 🐝


This isnt about that.

Quality is really important for SVALBON. This is why I use silk, cotton, viscose.. But vegans cross my way as well. I tottaly get it when they get mad when I say I use silk but -

As I told many times before-I believe there is nothing only Black or only white. It's always Grey. And when you say you wear 100% vegan fabric it shows that you don't know how textile industry works. Everything EVERYTHING you do puts a print in the nature. 🌱 Even if that have 'eco', 'vegan' before that.

But there are many things we can Do to leave smaller prints in the nature.

What SVALBON Will Do:

🌱 We Will plant a tree for every dress you buy from SVALBON,

🌱 We Will use mixed (50% silk, 50% poliester) silk fabric instead of using 100% silk,

🌱 We Will continue to make dresses only in one copy,

🌱 We Will continue to use public transport while shopping for materials,

🌱 We Will use More poliester fabrics,

🌱 We Will try to use less paper,

🌱 We Will continue using eco friendly packing,

🌱 We Will continue be economical with fabrics,

🌱 Etc.

What you will Do to show some love? 💚

With love,

Yours Volihe


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