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FCK Expensive

Lately I get a Q's - When discounts will be available for new collection?

Is there H&M written on my forehead? NOOO.

I totally get it - for now it's absolutely normal to ask for sales and discounts cause EVERY SINGLE BRAND are giving them like they have stolen their products.. As a customer I am happy to get a discount because c'mon I can save some euros but at the same time -by giving discounts all the time you show me that your product isn't worth to pay full price.. but SVALBON dresses is worth to pay full price.

Second Q- Why SVALBON dresses are so expensive?

Compared to other handmade brands that use high-quality materials and have a unique design - SVALBON is not expensive. Compared to H&M, of course, SVALBON is expensive.

I just want to point out if you are a regular customer of fast fashion stores - anything I say will not make you change your mind about SVALBON. Because you're used to cheap shit.



1. I have two tailors. And there is no China or Bangladesh here. As a consumer, you may not be happy to hear it, but I have my employees in the first place and I pay as much as they ask me about every dress.

I have been looking for good tailors for a very long time and I know how a tailor works who require less pay for their work. TERRIBLE.

2. Materials. I work with high-quality materials, such as silk, cotton, etc. Of course, I also work with synthetic fabrics, such as velvet, but I make sure that this fabric is the best in its class.

3. Handmade. I think it's a special feeling - to put on a handmade dress that is made just for you! I believe that absolutely everybody is unique and cannot be placed in generally accepted standard sizes. I have a markedly elongated spine, so it is often difficult to find suitable clothing - we solve this problem by tailoring individual size.

4. Unique design. As I mentioned, SVALBON is not a fast-fashion brand. I can work on the design of one model for up to two months until I feel that it is finally ready. Every detail is thought out to give the customer the most unique experience possible. Also, each design is primarily available in only one copy - you can count on that you will be the only one in this dress, size!

5. Small local bussiness. we want to give each client an individual approach - we have both the time and the resources to do so. It gives the client a pleasant experience, a sense of belonging. We like to pay special attention to each client, because each client is special to us.

6. Added value. SVALBON not only solves the problem with individual sizes but also the brand has a very strong identity, values. Each model radiates strength, sexuality, femininity, attitude. SVALBON believes that every woman deserves to be happy and to rule over her own life and choices. SVALBON believes that every woman is a unique, beautiful creature and can't be tamed in the box. We believe that there is a witch in every woman - protecting each other, hexing violence and injustice.

And in the fact I have never heard this question from my customers who are actually buying from SVALBON. You see - if you think something is too expensive, too far, too hard, too bold for you - it's not for you. Cause if it's meant for you, you will find the way. Believe me, my customers have shown me that. They always find the way. Love them for that.

With Love,


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