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How to be a witch

I hear this question really often, lately. Maybe because Halloween is coming. Who knows.

Wear big hat (like one in films about witches ), socks with stripes, have messy hair and steal some children. 'Found it on Google'.

No, no. I am just kidding. I don't know why media show witches like that.

Ugly, evil women who hates everyone and want to curse everyone. Danger for society.

I bet this image of 'witch' was made by men who wanted control and hid behind christianity. But.

That's not what this story is about.

How to be a witch?

How to dress? Act? Behave?

The way YOU feel and want.

If we really look back, then the witches were really the ones who did what they wanted, opposed and asked everything and did not fit into the general norms of society about women at all.

Why should you frame yourself now with the question - how to be a witch?

One of the main reasons I stopped believing in the church and faith in general was because I had to meet some criteria how think and behave appropriately. Witches are free to choose who and what they want to be.

Blah blah blah, yes. All I wanted to say - You are free to choose and be. Here is no frames or criteria. Only criteria you need to follow is - '' HARM TO NONE''

Put that flower in your hair, burn that bra, dance naked under the moon... do whatever you want if that makes you feel happy and that does no harm to others.

Be free. And you are witch. You are witch if you feel calling and you feel like one.

Search no confirmation to that. 🙏

Blessed be, Beautiful Creature. Witch. Free spirit. 🤍

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