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On The Way Of Becoming HER

"2022 will be my villain era".

Do you relate ?

Everytime I hear women saying that I am like -You go girl ! 🖤

But also I know how Hard this is. It's one of the most hardest works - brake yourself, fight yourself. It's extremly uncomfortable and some of us can quit on half way.

Here are some tips and tricks which helped me to go forward to my "HER".

First. Who is she?!

Write it down if it helps but you need to know for 100% who is she you want to become. Some questions you need to answer to understand it :

  1. What's hers goals, dreams ? Where is she going ?

  2. What's hers principles, values, bondries?

  3. How she reacts of different situations?

  4. What's her character aspects - patient, social etc. What Do you need to Do gain this?

  5. What's make her happy- people, experiences, things.

  6. What's her dream lifestyle?

  7. What's she looks like ? Style, hair. Physical appearence. Change What you can and accept What you can't change.

Second. Talk to yourself. Or More precisely to you Ego.

One of Ego's jobs is to protect us.

Ego will do everything to keep things as the way as they are. Cause if something changes there are possibility to 'harm' yourself. This means keeping all old habits, situations, experiences. Changing them means fighting yourself. And Ego hate this shit. But your Ego don't know this will give you better life. So you need to tell it.

Think of all benefits you will get becoming better version of yourself.

For example,by start eating healthy your skin will be clearer, you will save money on beauty products, maybe will loose some weight. You will FEEL better. By feeling better you will start to glow and you will atract postive things, compliments etc. Ego love that shit.

And remember - fear is Just a feeling.

This will be Hard. Maybe one of the hardest things you have done. But remember you are doing this FOR YOURSELF. 🖤 And If you had this idea Just for sec on your mind this means she is already in you, you Just need to help her get out.

Some extra tips which can also help:

  1. Environment - keep your Space clean, inspiring. Whatever helps you - motivation letters on fridge, candles , fresh air,

  2. 5 sec law - this means, if you have some impulse, idea,inspiration to do something you have 5 seconds to start doing it. After 5seconds your mind/ego will start making exuses,

  3. Reward yourself. Small wins are as important as big ones. Celebrate!

  4. Becoming HER doesn't mean you need to brake your bank account! Take small steps improving your new self, lifestyle,

  5. Be patient ! This won't happen over Night, not even a month. Be gentle to yourself 🖤

May your dreams come true! 🌞

If you have something to add feel free to leave it on comment section. 🙏

Blessed be,

Beautiful creature. 🌿

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