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Stuck In The Between

''In The Between'' collection is about balancing.

I always had a feeling that I have at least two personalities living in one body. One is always in peace, caring, loving, forgiving. The one who could save this World. But the another one is always fighting, aggressive, stubborn, not giving a fuck. The one who could destroy this World.

Many years ago I was sitting outside with my friends and men I saw first time in life came to me and said: '' You will save or destroy this world''. At that moment I thought wtf. But after all these years I am still feeling that way. I never thought that something in this world is just white or black, it's mostly grey. And it's pretty hard to balance to stay in grey..


I put these two different personalities together on the paper. There was sparks and flowers and poems about war and peace. Until I got a collection.

Light fabrics as silk and chiffon symbolizes the freedom of choosing, joy, feminine energy.

Velvet, pearls symbolizes luxury, past, all ''ugly'' sides. Every dress keeps some of these characters in it. It's mixed together with historic breath and dark forest. I made these dresses for Thunderstorms and Goddesses, Dark Witches. For all kind of women.

Cause every women is inspiring on their own way. And You inspire me. I didn't make alive only my own characters but your's too. Cause we all have these elements in us.

The question is are you letting them out to run sometimes?

This is story about being yourself. With ALL your characters.

This is very painful to keep your chest closed when something is trying to get out. Believe me I know it.

This is Your freedom, your power. Let Your demons to run with me sometimes.

With Love,

Yours Volihe

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