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We Are Sisters

''Psst.. look at her! What the fck is she wearing. She is so arrogant. Too hoeeee. Have no shame. I bet everything she has is because of a man. Too short. Too long. Too fake. Too this. Too that.. "

First. Why the fck YOU CARE SO MUCH? huh

If you found first sentence familiar with yourself then I need you to sit in front of the mirror and ask yourself - why I care so much about other women just living their lives?

Why other women's appearance triggers me? Why I try to find something wrong about other beautiful creature?

I know why.

Cause we are taught to. We are taught to always be in competition with each other. And if she have something better than I do I need to find the stupid reason why she has it, to make myself not to feel so miserable.

But why we just can't be happy about each other? Cause we are unhappy about ourselves.

We are unhappy cause everyday we hear that we are too fat. Too skinny. Boobies too small. Too sexual. Never enough. Too long. Too short. Too loud. We take up too much space. Hair too long. Too short. Too bitchy. And I am not talking about taste. I am talking about made up illusions. Guess what. YOU WILL NEVER REACH THAT PERFECTION. Cause in real life (in reality) it's not existing.

And guess who is enjoying this kitten fight.

You run around like crazy buying things you don't need or want, doing things you shouldn't do, be with people you shouldn't be with.

You rip yourself in million small pieces and try to do it with other women. You say 'Yes' for every shit they throw your way labeled :'' this will make you beautiful'' and you stop saying 'YES' to your true self.

First. They make you feel insecure, unhappy, not enough, small

Second. They turn us to each other.

They broke you in pieces already as child, they broke every women in your life and delimit you from source which can put yourself back together.


Cause it's so simple to control you then.

Imagine yourself feeling whole and divine. Having whole coven behind your back knowing they will brake any neck which would dare breath out your name in negative tone. IMAGINE THAT. If every women had that we would be unbeatable. We won't take shit from man who ain't shit. We would be in total control of ourselves and our lives, desires and dreams and pleasures.

Sit in the front in mirror not looking for confirmation but look at yourself as you are. Don't search for flaws or perfection. Don't compare. Just look at yourself.

Where you are right now?

Where you want to be?

How you can get there?

Are you having the right people around you?

Are you the right person?

Are you the women YOU want to be?

Are you the women you were looking for when you was little?

Are you even true to yourself?

Women or any human being are not your enemy or competition. We have nothing to split or divide. We have enough space. Other women should be your inspiration, your guide.

And one day you will be somebody's inspiration and guide and light.

Practice self love. Practice love. Feed yourself with love. Throw away everything that don't taste like it or pleasure or joy.

YOU ARE LOVE. You are beautiful as you are. You are Goddess.

I hope you will see it as well in near future.

With Love



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