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Deep purple velvet dress with chiffon sleeves.

Available size : on request


''She is both - light rain and dark thunderstorm. She loves to watch the Sun falling into the ground and hers skin is the last thing light touches. She is ready to rule the Night. ''


Materials : 100% poliester,

Chiffon details 100% poliester

On request- black color, different sizes (it will take about 2weeks till we will make it + delivery time)

*Price for tailor made dress won't change


Every piece is handmade with love and magick.

Free Delivery all around the World


If You need tailor made dress, write needed measurements on the right of page- make sure all measurements are right, leave us your actual e-mail so we can contact with You! We won't make tailor made piece if we can't contact with you.


If you need help with your measurements visit

  • Care Instructions

    Wash it in delicate mode with similar color clothes, check they don't have any metal details which could damage chiffon fabric. 

    We recommend put it on hanger after washing so you don't have to iron it later.But if you think you have to iron it anyway - use steamer, don't put iron on velvet it can damage fabric's structure! 

    Wearing - please avoid to wear it with with materials which can damage it, for example - metal chain shoulder bag etc. 

    Storage - we recommend hang it on hanger with fabric cover on it. 

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