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Walking Night

Walking Night


Night Black Velvet Dress with chiffon details  

Available size :L/XL (others sizes on request)


Bust 96 cm,

Waist 80 cm,

Hips 100 cm. 


'' She wears Night as hers dress, she put stars in it. She is Night. '' 


Materials : 100% poliester.

Chiffon: 80% poliester, 20% viscose.


*Price for tailor made dress won't change 


Every piece is handmade with love and magick. 


Free Delivery all around the World 


If You need tailor made dress, write needed measurements on the right of page- make sure all measurements are right, leave us your actual e-mail so we can contact with You! We won't make tailor made piece if we can't contact with you.


If you need help with your measurements visit  


! please note that the customer is responsible for paying the customs duty/taxes  upon receipt of the goods. Its depends on the legislation of your country. Please check legislation so you won't have any suprises. 

  • Care Instructions

    Wash it using delicate mode.

    Use vertical drying. 

    Iron: Steam ironing, don't put iron on velvet - that can damage fabric's structure!

    Wearing: avoid shoes with sharp heels, metal details. Avoid wearing it with anything that have metal, sharp details - it could damage fabric!

    Storage: we recommend hang it on hanger and use fabric cover

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