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You already burned this way, don't you ? 

 SVALBON isn't just a tailor-made fashion and lifestyle brand for dark souls. This is a breaking free point and stepping in Your true, authentic and wild self. 
We don't give a simple flying fuck about opinions we didn't ask about us, our bodies or our choices but w
e do care about sustainability, freedom and You.

Of course you are too much - you are whole Universe itself.  ☽



''I don't know why.
I just have this urge to create fashion. Like it's my purpose to make the oppressed and misunderstood ones free and ones who hate and discriminates - bring them on their knees.''

/Dace, SVALBON owner and designer/ .
Our mission is to empower. Through the fashion. To become Your true-self, to live your life on your own terms.
To rule.




Do you ever have wondered what would your life looked like if you lived it on your terms? 
Fuck equality.
Be the one and only who rules. YOUR. OWN.LIFE.

This is how SVALBON was born. In the head of girl who broke herself in to pieces for others. Now she is whole and let them choke.

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We value sustainability - every dress is made in only one sample, we don't have stocks of clothing. We also believe that every body is unique, so every piece is tailor-made. 
We stand for human rights, all our tailors gets fair paid, appropriate and safe working conditions. 
Also we believe usual is boring, so it's our pleasure to bring you authentic and high quality products. 



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We are closing website store.
Check out our Etsy store. Click here

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