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Why so long

Time after time we get these questions - why making process takes so much time, why it's so expensive ect.

Let's dive little bit deeper if you are not familiar with SLOW, handmade fashion brands..

  1. We position ourselves as slow fashion brand - it means we don't have, make huge stocks of ready-to-order pieces, we make only one piece of each product (sample) and we produce more only when order is made:

So it means it takes more time cause:

* We need to make absolutely new pattern for dress cause we make products on your own measurements, it means we don't have ready standart patterns - every pattern is unique and it takes about a day to make

* and sewing process can take even up to almost 2 weeks for very difficult models with lot of details,

* when dress is ready it has to go trough some testings- washing for example, to be sure it won't change form or size while customer will use it, this process takes almost a whole day, cause we also believe in nature's power - we take product outside for a while to clean energies and power it with nature's whatever nature is giving us at the time- thunderstorm, apple tree blossom or light wind,

* packicking takes almost 4 hours to be done, cause we make unique hand-drawing greeting cards for every customer, we steam products and we take one last look, also we have to do a some paper work before delivery,

2. Why products from SVALBON is so expensive- honestly I will get tired of explaining this but I can give you one more chance:

* materials- even thou we don't use most expensive fabrics anymore (like silk) it doesn't mean quality is lower, no. We look for most quality materials as possible - it takes a lot of time thou,

* seleries- all my tailors are individual commersants, it means they are not my employees, they determines their own price for every product and I pay them it. And you may be suprised but you have to pay about quality and time, we are not fast fashion brand and we pay honest selery for job,

* other expenses - for example website, do you even know how much website costs? Taxes - we pay honest taxes, Fees- PayPal, Etsy and other apps. Photosessions, models etc...

And you are even not paying me for my time here but I start to change my mind about this cause:

I am almost sure that people who ask these questions even didn't read this post cause it takes too long (they just like to ask stupid questions) and customers who really understands the story, the love we put in SVALBON always will find the way to order sooner, to find money to get SVALBON.

I am just so grateful for all our customers and supporters,

Love you all,

and sending some love back,



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