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Beautiful Creature

''A few days ago I received a message from a very beautiful woman. She asked me - can I be your model? The first thought that ran out of my head was - yes, of course. I like working with new people. But all I told her was- why you want to be a SVALBON model? She replied - em, I am beautiful and I think you would be honored if I were your model. I don't know why but I answered her - forgive me, but you can't be SVALBON model. She answered me with a middle finger🖕. And then I realized why I wanted to say no. Do I have to be honored that your beauty is beside me? I am sorry for you because you are beautiful only from the outside. But I want to work with people who are beautiful inside as well. ''

This is what I wrote in the description on my Instagram. And I felt like I have to make a longe story about this in here.


People who at least one time were searching for a model knows how hard it can get. In my country, I think every woman is beautiful, but sometimes it really gets hard to find a ''perfect match''. Let me be honest. I really think that women are the second inspiring thing on Earth (the first one is nature). But not all women are inspiring for me... For a long time, I didn't understand why...


Then I accidentally made this BEAUTIFUL CREATURE ''thing''. Then I slowly started to understand why one woman is inspiring to me but others don't.

I am an observer. In all new situations, with new people I love to watch and make some conclusions. And then I understood that I really feel people. I am feeling they're with good heart or not and etc.


But I really hate these arrogant people. who thinks I am better, smarter, more beautiful, etc.

My brand is about lifestyle. About strong and self-confident women. But feel the border.

When ends self-confidence, self- love and start arrogance and egoism? When ends Goodness and starts double games? I feel this shit. And I don't like it. That's why some women aren't inspiring for me. That's why you can't be SVALBON's model.

And you Can't wear this beautiful creature's dress. You don't deserve that.

You can say- Bitch, calm down and take a breath. Ok. Fuck you. I won't.

You can be a super-duper uber model, photographer, investor etc but fuck you if you don't have the same opinion as my brand do. If you think that beauty comes only from a beautiful body (with beautiful I think- the most society thinks ''beautiful'' ), beautiful hair, nails, smile, dress... I don't have anything to talk with you.



While I am writing this better sweet script about a beautiful hearts I understood that I want to make a CULT about this. I don't know how yet, but this got me strong.

Yours Volihe

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