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Few wierd things I do to reconect with myself.

I think we all already know that this modern world is built in the way we can lost ourselves very easy, Espessialy for women. Starting with that all cycles we live on is based of men's cycles but we are not talking about that today.

What we are talking about - I want share with you some things I DO to reconect with myself, whats helps me and who knows can help you as well.

  1. Bath/ shower in absolute darkness

This is not a secret that all other senses comes trough more intensive when you see nothing. Showering in dark really makes you feel your body and water flowing more intensive. You don't think about dirts on your body but you focus on your body. This is a great way to clense your aura as well - feel water flowing on your body washing off all the 'dirts'. Smell all the beautiful scenes used in this process.

What I suggest - keep some kind of light source near you for your won safety.

2. Get yourself a Barbie

Or whatever you wanted as a child but didn't get. My best friend gave me a suitcase full with colorful pencils, oil colors ets. for my birthday. As a little child I always wanted something like that but I didn't get one. You can't imagine how therapeutically it was.. my inner child was full of joy. And after that I buy myself some things time after time, or go to places I loved as child. You can do this as well with your innet teenager.

It's important not to forget your younger self needs and wants, even if you are (kinda) not them anymore.

3. Dedicate an art for yourself

Women's core destiny is to create. And I am not talking about birth giving only. We are creators. It doesn't matter if we create a piece of art or a mess. We have to realese this energy and why not in the most beautiful way possible- for yourself. Write a poem for yourself, paint your body, dance, make bodour photographies.. whatever moves your soul. But create something in the name of yourself for yourself.

This is one of the ways how to fall in love a little bit with yourself as well. And one more important step here- don't be selfish and share this art with world.

4. Hug a tree

Or go moon-gazing, walk bare-foot, swim in body of water. In few words- conect with nature in ways which works for you. Nature is purest form of energy. I love to go to forest or garden and focus on all the living movement what's happening in that moment. You can ask for advice (which is already in you) so nature can speak trough you, you just need to lsiten. And about hugging a tree- each tree have their own energy (like crystals) you can choose based on your needs at that moment. A lot of trees have been here before us, they hold both energies- earth and sky in them full of wisdom of Earth.

5. Be delusional

When I got home I really enjoy to wear some ''inpractical'' gowns and robes and fly around the house like a bat. I drink water from my most expensive glass. Walk around in underwear in high-heels like some kind of supermodel.

Let your self play, shut down your brain for a while and have fun.

6. Be naked as much as possible

Don't wear underwear if it's possible. Long skirt with no underwear..mmm. At home walk around naked (if it's possible) it will increase not only your relationship with yourself and your body but your partner as well.. It will kinda force you to accept yourself more if you have some issues with that.

7. Live by your cycles

I really hope you know your cycles better than I did when I was younger.. Knowing your cycles can really save you from no needed problems. This is wierd thing to do because turns out a loooooot of women don't live based on their cycles. They don't know they have to. Be gentle to yourself and your body will thank you and in the result you will feel better, look better and get better results in every niche of life.

This takes time to listen to yourself ( most women live in 28 day cycle, like a Moon) but some have different cycle. Check yours, journal if you need to understand it more and try to live by it and watch your life improve.

I really hope you found something useful here.

If you want something to add, share feel free to conact. If there's is maybe something you want to go deeper in- feel free to contact, I would love to write more about things you are interested in.

Have nice day my beautiful creatures,



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