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Stop Living a Lie.

You have to understand something. SVALBON is my brand.

One of you told me '': everything is nice, only you show yourself too much. ''


Yes, I understand that some of you believe that a brand - design, mission, message, etc. - lives, arises on its own, but it is not true.

Behind every product, brand stands living human being. Or a team of people.

I mentioned at the very beginning that I hate sterile brands - white backgrounds, perfect models, perfect dresses, perfect make-up, perfect location, all everything perfect...

I want something real, emotional, not perfect. That's who I am and I'm behind this brand. These are my thoughts, ideas, design, difficulties, struggles. If you don't want to see it - unfollow :)

And I believe if a person who stands behind something does not show his/her face, his/her personality lies to his/her customers.

You hid behind the perfect.

But SVALBON is about the courage to be yourself, so how true would I be to you and myself if I hid behind the slogans "be yourself", "love yourself"? and still don't reveal my imperfections to you?

I am not perfect. And SVALBON is not perfect. And we never want to be perfect.

That is our strength.

Stop living a lie and start enjoy the truth. 🖤

Blessed be, Beautiful Creature.

Your Imperfect Volihe.

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